Understanding gains and losses in a traditional investment strategy is quite simple.
Gains and losses track proportionally
to the underlying strategy.
So when the price increases...
Your returns increase as well.
And that’s also  true when the price drops.
But could we invest in a way that could do better than linear returns?
Here comes the power of Convexity.
This strategy has the potential to both protect our portfolios from surprise downturns and capture gains 
faster during unexpected run ups.
When the price of the underlying strategy stays stagnant, convexity will underperform due to the cost of implementing the strategy.
However, this strategy has the potential to catapult our portfolios to capture greater gains during unexpected run ups through strategic investments in call options.
Likewise, put options allow us to limit losses during sudden downturns.
What happens when we apply convexity to disruptors?
We believe the price of disruptors will not stay stagnant but rather make rapid moves upward. This vastly increases the potential of greater gains.
we call this strategy

Disruptive Convexity

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