Cloud and Cybersecurity Disruption

Provides concentrated exposure to key innovators in cloud computing and cybersecurity. In an increasingly digitized world, it is critical to have a global, high availability and highly secure infrastructure to power today's digital first businesses.

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Disruptor Characteristics

Cloud native
Having a cloud first architecture allows  these companies to move fast.
The solution scales easily with the size of the problem.  More data? Not a problem.  More cyberattacks? It will scale accordingly.
machine learning
Uses the latest in machine learning to provide greater business and security insights.

Identified Disruptors

Snowflake’s data lake and data warehouse capabilities allow companies to centralize all of their data and share it between departments easily.

Snowflake also abstracts away the vendor. Whether someone uses Azure, AWS or Google it does not matter.

In our post coronavirus world, there has been an explosion in cyberattacks.

The companies that have cybersecurity solutions that scale with the threat are set to win.

Strategy Overview

by the numbers
Active Equity
Typical # of Holdings
10 to 15
# of Anchors
25% (22.5% stock, 2.5% options)
25% (22.5% stock, 2.5% options)
December 2020
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This actively managed strategy seeks long term capital growth by investing in US listed securities of companies that help support businesses through cloud infrastructure and/or secure networks through cybersecurity offerings.

We believe that the companies will continue to need to go to the cloud and defend against an increasing number of attacks, and previous outdated models of adding individual people to an IT team is not sufficient to fight off these attacks.

We then overlay options on top of this strategy to capture unpriced price movements as innovative disrupters grow faster than the market expects.

Strategy Characteristics


Use first-principle approach to identify disruptors and concentrate.

upside call

Once core disruptors are identified, strategically place call options to capture upside.

market protection

Intelligently apply put options on the market to protect against severe crashes.

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