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So what do we mean by “disruptors”?

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dis·ruptor /disˈrəptər/

noun pl. disruptors
A company that provides solutions that change the world, revolutionizes an entire industry, and becomes a market leader
why disruptors

Our Approach to Investing

Investing into companies that are disruptors has three distinct advantages.

Accelerate the Future

By investing into disruptors, we are investing into a better tomorrow. Disruptors are shaping the future by solving the biggest problems we face. Our investments help disruptors solve these problems sooner rather than later.


Seize Market Opportunities

Disruptors shape the future by solving the biggest problems we face. However, the markets are slow to recognize the value of the solutions by disruptors providing a unique opportunity to invest.


Unlock the Power of Disruptive Convexity

Disruptors' market value does not stay stagnant and has a great possibility of unexpected run-ups. Due to their market behavior, we are able to employ a new kind of investing strategy we call Disruptive Convexity.


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