Fintech Disruption

Provides concentrated exposure to market disrupters in unlocking the full potential of digital transactions. Advancements in AI has made it critical to not only have data, but the right type of data that is useful to transform the finance sector.

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Disruptor Characteristics

The largest pain point in payments is friction.  The companies that solve for this is set to gain market share.
Digitally Native
Without a digitally native platform, it is not possible to create a frictionless experience unlocked with AI.
AI will have a huge impact on our lives.  Whichever company uses AI can result in a much better experience.

Identified Disruptors

Square not only has a robust data-rich payment platform for businesses, but one of the hottest finance apps currently out there in CashApp. Their ability to integrate payments and platforms makes them poised for disruption.

Lemonade’s digital platform for insurance allows them to make use of AI to protect against potential fraud. Compared to others in the field, they are actually using technology to disrupt.

Strategy Overview

by the numbers
Active Equity
Typical # of Holdings
10 to 15
# of Anchors
25% (20% stock, 5% options)
19% (15% stock, 4% options)
December 2020
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This actively managed strategy seeks long term capital growth by investing in US listed securities of companies that aim to simplify payments and payment infrastructure.

By examining the software strategy of companies in this field, we aim to identify which companies are positioned to gain greatly from the FinTech Revolution.

We then overlay options on top of this strategy because we believe that disruptors will move quicker than the incumbents. We also provide downside risk mitigation to protect against sudden market downturns that effect the entire industry.

Strategy Characteristics


Use first-principle approach to identify disruptors and concentrate.

upside call

Once core disruptors are identified, strategically place call options to capture upside.

market protection

Intelligently apply put options on the market to protect against severe crashes.

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