Robocar Disruption

Provides concentrated exposure to the leaders in the Autonomous Transportation revolution. Advancements in AI, automation, battery manufacturing and chip design has not only made self-driving cars possible, but it has allowed for a quantifiable framework to identify leaders in this space.

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Disruptor Characteristics

Redundant Camera Data
Redundant Camera Data means having both 360 degree camera coverage and plenty of data.
Low Maintenance Fleet
To win autonomous driving, there needs to be a lasting cost advantage.
Neural Network Chip
The disruptor in this space will probably have a lead in hardware and neural network processing.
improvement culture
The pace of innovation needs to be high to maintain a lead until and after autnomous cars arrive.

Identified Disruptors

Through our first-principles approach, we identify Tesla as the unique disruptor in this strategy. Read more about why we believe Tesla is poised to win the race to autonomy.

Strategy Overview

by the numbers
Active Equity
Typical # of Holdings
10 to 15
# of Anchors
25%(15% stock, 10% options)
December 2020
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This actively managed strategy seeks long term capital growth by investing in US listed securities of companies that aim to provide fully autonomous vehicles to the public.

By examining the core engineering building blocks of what we believe is a successful Autonomous Driving strategy, we identify which company or companies are closest to unlocking the full potential of autonomous driving.

We then overlay options on top of this strategy to capture possible sudden price movements as it becomes increasingly clear to the greater markets who is winning the autonomous driving race.

Strategy Characteristics


Use first-principle approach to identify disruptors and concentrate.

upside call

Once core disruptors are identified, strategically place call options to capture upside.

market protection

Intelligently apply put options on the market to protect against severe crashes.

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